Hadid Dynamics College

Hadid Dynamics College Igbogbo, is a co-educational day and boarding school, Our students have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Energetic, enthusiastic and intelligent; they are eager to understand the world around them and their place in it. At the HDS College, we bring the joy of learning into your child’s classroom through the student-centred approach of education we adopt. At the heart of HDS experience is a learning environment where children thrive because they feel respected and valued by their peers, and supported by teachers who also serve as facilitators and advocates. Our focus is on developing self-directed learners and critical thinkers, self-sufficient young men and women who are equipped with the skills to navigate their ways through our rapidly changing world. At HDS, students are also global citizens who understand their roles in effecting positive changes in the society in which they live. Our comprehensive curriculum, complemented by a range of sports, Science and arts programmes, allows students to explore and discover their unique talents and strengths, and nurture them for life beyond our walls. Because of all that’s within HDS– an immersive curriculum, dedicated teachers, modern and well equipped facilities – we feel confident and privileged in our duty to guide your child in unlocking the potentials within. Walk into a College classroom and you may find a group of students leading the session, confidently incorporating technology to enrich their presentation. Walk into another and you may notice groups of students engrossed in peer-teaching and collaboration. Here, teachers are more than just imparters of knowledge. They facilitate its discovery. Coupled with a modern and wide-ranging curriculum, this student-centred approach empowers young minds to explore, create and develop. Our school year is dotted with house league activities, academic, quranic and sports competitions, field trips, charitable fund-raisers and volunteerism programmes; giving students the opportunity to enrich relationships, build character, and gain a better understanding of the world around them.