Hadid Nursery School (Montessori)


  • - We hope to provide an environment that each child develop a sense of security, love and affection.
  • - We hope to provide equal opportunity for each child.
  • - We hope to create an avenue for children to explore while maintaining appropriate protection and supervision.
  • - We hope to familiarize children with group time, looking at books etc.
  • - We hope to use Language to strengthen and provide meaning to all that we do.

We provide well planned opportunities for all the children to learn about materials, living things and the changing seasons. Our selected themes provide a useful focus for learning about the environment. The children interest in living things is fostered by growing seeds, and learning about various animals on their visit out of school.

We ensure good strategies to monitor and evaluate the children’s play and to record their achievements and needs.

The strength of the School includes:

  • - Caring and supportive
  • - Wonderful relationships between the staff and the children
  • - Examples of sustained and purposeful play
  • - Build confidence and self-esteem of the children
  • - We placed high priority on personal, social and emotional development
  • - Good links with the parents and other agencies
  • - Broad range of activities, well-matched to the preschool curriculum
  • - Team-work of the staff and their dedication to the children
  • - Thoughtful and efficient management by the Administrator

Overall, the quality of the education provided in this School is good; the needs of the children are being met.