Our Basic School

The family atmosphere of our primary Day/Boarding school is distinguished by warm, individual all-round supervision. Family-friendly schedules mean more planning and flexibility for professional and family lives. And our school buses help keep family life relaxed Hello prospective parents, follow me and let's experience a day at the HDS basic school. At the Basic School we greet every child by name every morning. Personal relationships, as well as respectful communication and interaction, are the values we live by and which make our school a positive place for learning and living. Strengthen strengths - discovering potential. Research questions and project work are key elements for realising the potential of each child. The child grows by questioning and completing tasks, thus becoming an expert in their chosen area. Strengths are strengthened, talent is discovered and promoted. Learn to learn –the strategy for success. Every child has a different way of learning. Targeted strategies make learning how to learn fun and effective in an independent and motivated manner. As teaching staff, we see ourselves as personal coaches in the child’s learning process. This trusting relationship with the child contributes to a positive learning experience. Break-time –out in the open air! Our large playground in green surroundings offers children plenty of room and opportunity for playing and exercise - no matter what the weather our day children are encouraged to bring into the school their desired edibles, with plenty of fruit and vegetables and juice, while we also ensures a healthy recharge for those in the boarding school at the same time. Lunchtime A family like community and friendly interactions are important to us. This social environment enriches our shared life within the HDS family. Experiencing maths and understanding it. Maths is exciting. We encounter it everywhere in our daily lives and in nature. Today our HDS kids are expanding their mathematical skills with concepts that they can grasp, research and reflect on - while also learning from each other. Creativity and expression Creativity is thinking and doing with imagination and invention. It is one of the most significant key competences of the future. Our school is a place for learning and living, one that aims to let the creative potential of each member of the HDS family shine. End of lessons and free-time activities The school bus is already taking some of the children home. Others are still enjoying themselves in the playground and then there are those making the most of HDS’s numerous free-time activities. The Experimental research course is now part of our programme – and there is some impressive tinkering going on. A day at HDS comes to a close. Now we say goodbye to the last of the HDS kids and go home. School exercises have already been integrated into lessons – that means more time and space for hobbies, friends and family life.